Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 50.523.521 (48.)
Tribe: 2Tuan

Villages (396)CoordinatesPoints
Barbarian village660|2539.495
Barbarian village627|1699.555
[K37] Cracker Jack708|3299.248
[K37] Cracker Jack711|3279.189
[K37] Cracker Jack710|3289.454
[K37] Cracker Jack707|3279.445
[K37] Cracker Jack707|3219.495
[K37] Cracker Jack721|3349.495
[K37] Cracker Jack711|3209.334
[K37] Cracker Jack716|3269.189
[K37] Cracker Jack720|3329.495
[K37] Cracker Jack717|3319.495
[K46] Cracker Jack689|4959.366
[K46] Cracker Jack694|4259.495
[K46] Cracker Jack692|4189.495
[K46] Cracker Jack693|4209.327
[K46] Cracker Jack692|4159.495
[K46] Cracker Jack696|4149.006
[K46] Cracker Jack694|4169.463
[K46] Cracker Jack696|4169.471
[K55] Cracker Jack543|5669.218
[K55] Cracker Jack547|5749.215
[K55] Cracker Jack544|5749.495
[K55] Cracker Jack545|5749.416
[K55] Cracker Jack541|5799.495
[K55] Cracker Jack544|5809.495
[K55] Cracker Jack547|5759.215
[K55] Cracker Jack544|5819.495
[K55] Cracker Jack543|5839.495
[K55] Cracker Jack544|5849.495
[K55] Cracker Jack544|5829.495
[K55] Cracker Jack545|5839.495
[K55] Cracker Jack542|5819.495
[K55] Cracker Jack545|5819.438
[K55] Cracker Jack543|5819.495
[K55] Cracker Jack545|5829.495
[K55] Cracker Jack545|5879.495
[K55] Cracker Jack585|5679.495
[K55] Cracker Jack561|5568.944
[K56] Cracker Jack686|5039.495
[K56] Cracker Jack683|5229.495
[K56] Cracker Jack686|5109.331
[K56] Cracker Jack686|5209.495
[K56] Cracker Jack687|5279.495
[K56] Cracker Jack688|5069.495
[K56] Cracker Jack694|5329.495
[K56] Cracker Jack692|5309.495
[K56] Cracker Jack699|5239.366
[K56] Cracker Jack699|5329.495
[K57] Cracker Jack700|5279.495
[K57] Cracker Jack701|5359.495
[K57] Cracker Jack704|5319.487
[K57] Cracker Jack749|5239.677
[K57] Cracker Jack763|57310.985
[K57] Cracker Jack764|57411.315
[K57] Cracker Jack762|57511.315
[K65] Cracker Jack564|6129.495
[K65] Cracker Jack557|6179.495
[K65] Cracker Jack565|6119.376
[K65] Cracker Jack559|6189.495
[K65] Cracker Jack557|6189.495
[K65] Cracker Jack559|6199.495
[K65] Cracker Jack538|6319.495
[K65] Cracker Jack543|6259.495
[K65] Cracker Jack544|6309.495
[K65] Cracker Jack541|6319.495
[K65] Cracker Jack546|6329.495
[K65] Cracker Jack546|6339.495
[K65] Cracker Jack535|6319.400
[K65] Cracker Jack547|6349.495
[K65] Cracker Jack548|6309.495
[K65] Cracker Jack536|6349.655
[K65] Cracker Jack547|6359.495
[K65] Cracker Jack545|6319.495
[K65] Cracker Jack543|6379.495
[K65] Cracker Jack547|6329.495
[K65] Cracker Jack547|6339.495
[K65] Cracker Jack547|6369.495
[K65] Cracker Jack546|6369.495
[K65] Cracker Jack542|6399.495
[K65] Cracker Jack522|6509.495
[K65] Cracker Jack523|6509.495
[K65] Cracker Jack540|6509.495
[K65] Cracker Jack551|6549.495
[K65] Cracker Jack550|6559.495
[K65] Cracker Jack558|6509.495
[K65] Cracker Jack551|6669.495
[K65] Cracker Jack551|6719.495
[K65] Cracker Jack559|6659.495
[K65] Cracker Jack555|6679.495
[K65] Cracker Jack554|6769.495
[K65] Cracker Jack551|6819.495
[K65] Cracker Jack555|6769.495
[K65] Cracker Jack554|6799.495
[K65] Cracker Jack556|6829.495
[K65] Cracker Jack552|6799.495
[K65] Cracker Jack554|6819.495
[K65] Cracker Jack551|6849.495
[K65] Cracker Jack551|6829.495
[K65] Cracker Jack538|6909.495
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Location:in a field

Personal text


ninja team

still looking for them in the dark

0zil <3

Achieved daily awards
2x Attacker of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as an attacker on 04.11.2011 (326.678 units)!
1x Defender of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as a defender on on 16.03.2011 (223.800 units)!
Achieved awards
Death of a hero (Gold - Level 4)
While supporting other villages, 100.000 of your units died an honorable death!
Leader (Gold - Level 4)
You have already defeated 20.000.000 enemy units!
Plunderer (Gold - Level 4)
You have already plundered other villages 10.000 times!
Robber (Gold - Level 4)
You have already looted 100.000.000 resources!
Self-attack (Gold - Level 4)
You have attacked yourself and lost more than 10.000 units in a battle!
Successful noble claims (Gold - Level 4)
You already conquered 100 claimed villages!
Wallbreaker (Gold - Level 4)
You have already destroyed 10.000 wall levels!
Wealth comes in gold (Gold - Level 4)
You minted 50.000 gold coins!
Continent scorer (Silver - Level 3)
You have made it into the top 5 of a continent!
Demolisher (Silver - Level 3)
You have destroyed 2.500 building levels so far!
Master of the Battlefield (Silver - Level 3)
You have already completely destroyed 1.000 hostile armies!
Nobles Faith (Silver - Level 3)
You have defeated 350 noblemen so far!
Reliable Commander (Silver - Level 3)
You have supported other players in battle 500 times
Score champion (Silver - Level 3)
You have already reached 100.000 points!
The Warlord (Silver - Level 3)
You have attacked 100 different players!
Beloved Friend (Bronze - Level 2)
You have made a total of 15 friendships!
Conquest (Bronze - Level 2)
You already conquered 50 villages!
Scout Hunter (Bronze - Level 2)
You have fought off 50 scouting attacks.
Top scorer (Bronze - Level 2)
You have made it into the top 100 in this world!
Lucky fellow
The loyalty of a village was 0 after you conquered it!
Market Guru (Wood - Level 1)
You traded resources using your market 10 times so far!
Paladin's power
You have found all the paladin items!
You have conquered yourself!
Unlucky fellow
The loyalty of a village dropped to +1 due to one of your attacks!